Store Break In

Hello to all of our GG2G Family,


For the past four years of business we strive to offer the best Customer Service, Products & Pricing in the area.

However within the past 3 months we have been burglarized twice as many of you already know.

Both requiring extensive repair costs and firearm reimbursement from Insurance.

 It is now that we are asking for help from our GG2G family.

We are asking for donations to help us raise the money for concrete pillars on all sides of our building.

Insurance and Property Management will not cover these additions, therefore it is on us to better protect our store.

We have a small jar placed at the front counter in the store for cash donations.

We also have the ability to accept credit card donations via  phone or in the store.

We will back the tax out and only charge your credit card for your donation amount only.

A GoFundMe Account is in the works. A new Newsletter & Facebook Post will follow,

Thank you for all the continued support.