Firearms & Accessory Sales

gun dealers, gun sales, gun shops plano txGun Gear To Go is a full line firearms, ammunition and accessories retailer. We stock as much as we can and order in the rest! In the Gun Corral we offer:

  • Sales of NEW, USED and CONSIGNMENT firearms
  • TRADES are always welcomed and a great option for any firearms in the store
  • We can also SPECIAL ORDER in, almost any firearm or item that you may need

The Trading Post

At Gun Gear To Go we buy, sell, and trade firearms.

Trades & Purchases

Gun Gear To Go is always willing and able to look at your firearms, in order to make you an offer to purchase them outright and put a check in your hand or take them in on trade for something that we have in stock. We can even take a trade to special order a firearm for you. We are always in the market for good quality and functioning used firearms. No matter the quantity: single pieces, collections or estates, we would love the opportunity to make you an offer. We strive to always pay more than our competitors, so bring us any written and verifiable offer, and we will see what we can do to earn your business.

No lot too big or too small. We have the ability and desire to buy your guns today!

There are two benefits for you when choosing to trade your guns: time and money. We can complete a trade transaction right away (as compared to putting your gun on consignment and having to wait for it to sell). You can also save money by not paying tax on the trade in amount given for your firearms.

Consignment Sales

Gun Gear To Go also offers the ability for our customers to put their personal firearms up for sale in our facility. You set the price and we go to work trying to sell your guns. We are always willing to help you with pricing, as well as pointing out factors to consider, so that your guns will sell and not just sit on our shelves! Once your gun sells, we deduct a small consignment fee and then cut you a check. Federal law requires a lock to be provided with all firearms sales. If putting a firearm on consignment with us, please bring in a lock for the new owner, or we can provide one for you, for a small fee.

In order to take your firearm(s) off of consignment, you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork, provide a valid and current government issued photo ID and pass a NICS background check, if you do not have a valid and current Texas Concealed Handgun License.

Special Orders

We are willing and able to special order in, almost any firearm or accessory item that you may need. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will go to work on getting it into the store for you.

Private Instruction

We currently offer private training sessions for individuals, families and small groups, on topics of your choosing. Give us a call with your needs and let us see what we can put together for you. Prices vary depending on number of students and length of time needed.

Weapons Cleaning

gun shop, gun sales, firearm sales, weapons cleaning, plano txWe offer in house cleaning for your handguns, rifles and shotguns. Our firearm cleanings include a basic field strip of your firearm and cleaning by hand. We ask that you drop your firearms off for cleaning, with the expectation of leaving them for 24-48 hours, so that we have time to do a good job and there is no need to rush through the work. We will call you as soon as your firearm is complete and ready for pick up. Turn around time is always subject to change, so please call with any questions on cleaning availability.


Gun Gear To Go can provide you with appraisals for personal and insurance purposes, in regards to fair market value, availability and replacement costs. Company letterhead with all pertinent information can be provided, as needed.


Gun Gear To Go offers transfer services for firearms that are being shipped to our facility. Please contact us in person or over the phone to complete the necessary paperwork, informing us of your transfer needs. Any firearms that are shipped to us without prior knowledge will be refused and returned to sender. In order to process an incoming transfer, we will need the following information from you:

  • Type of firearm being shipped and serial number
  • Store name where firearm is being shipped from, their address, phone number and POC
  • A copy of their FFL license, sent to us by mail, email or with the shipment. We must have a copy of their FFL license before we will transfer the firearm to you.
  • You will be required to complete all of the necessary paperwork, provide a valid and current government issued photo ID and are subject to a NICS background check if not in possession of a valid and current Texas Concealed Handgun Permit.

At the present time we do not offer the ability to transfer and ship firearms out to other locations, due to shipping costs, liability issues and other states’ laws and requirements.

Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting

Gun Gear To Go can mount your scopes or optics to your pistol or rifle and also bore sight them as applicable. It is very important to make sure that you bring us all of the necessary components to do your job or contact us prior to needing your work done. That ensures that we can have in stock or order in all of the necessary optics, bases, rings and miscellaneous parts that may be needed. Turn around time is always subject to change. Please call with any questions on scope mounting or bore sighting availability.