Let The Savings Begin!!!

In order to provide more value and service to our customers, Gun Gear To Go is excited to announce our new lower firearms pricing and membership program.

We truly value our customers and strive to provide the best customer service and shopping experience possible on a daily basis.  What better way to enhance this, than with lower pricing and larger discounts!

We want to be the best Firearms retailer in the area and your one stop shop for all of your firearms and product needs.  We ask for your support in order to reach our goals and hope that these new changes to how we operate will help you to help us achieve success.

We appreciate our customers and your continued support to help us grow and to be able to better serve you.  We always read and appreciate any and all feedback that you have to offer.

Here are a few of the highlights to our new pricing structure and discounts.  The following page will list in more detail and show all of the changes we have implemented.

New Firearms — We have lowered our prices across the board by 5%, plus increased our members discount on new firearms up to 4%.

Consignment Firearms — We have lowered our Consignment fees from 20% down to 15% and members still receive an additional 5% off, which means they only pay 10%.

**Any current firearm in our inventory on Tuesday August 10 will automatically receive our new lower consignment fees!  No need to call or come in, we will adjust your paperwork.

Store owned Used Firearms — We have taken a great discount and made it even better!  We have increased our Used gun discount from 6% to 10% off for members!



    Member Benefits–               NEW Plan          vs.                 OLD Plan

Membership Price                     $75.00                                   $100.00

Membership Renewal                $75.00                                    $69.99

New Firearm Pricing                     4%                                        3%

**Members will now receive up to a 4% discount on all new firearm purchases!


Consignment Pricing         15% non members                          20% non members

                                               10% members                                15% non members

**Members receive the same 5% discount, but we reduced our fees from 15% to 10%!


Used Guns                            10% members                                  6% members

**Members will now receive an additional 4% discount on all used firearms purchases!


Accessory Purchases           10% members                                  5% members

**Members will now receive an additional 5% discount on all of their accessory purchases!


Transfers                               $25 mem / $35 non                       $30 mem / $50 non

**Members will save an additional $5 per transfer fee per firearm!


In Store Services                     20% members                                  10% members

Mount & Boresight, Firearm Cleanings, Glock Sight Install, etc.

**Members will now receive an additional 10% discount on all in store services!